Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for: Add-ons for Evernote Web App

The add-ons do not collect any kind of personal information or browsing activity.

The add-ons' interaction with your Evernote content is strictly limited to the specific functions they were designed for (highlighting text, inserting tables etc.) as described in the Extension's description in the Chrome Web Store and the bookmarklets page.
The add-ons do not interact with or access your Evernote content in any other way.

This privacy policy applies to both the Chrome Extension and the bookmarklet version of the add-ons.

This privacy policy will never change.

Privacy Policy for: Chrome extension for

This extension does not access any of your personal information.

The content of the boards that you create with this extension is saved locally in your browser. No connections to external servers are made.

This extension doesn't display ads.

Privacy Policy for: ColorCab

The ColorCab app does not store any personal information as it doesn't require a log-in.

The ColorCab app uses the standard Google Analytics script to retrive statistical, non personally identifiable data such as the number of users or geographical distribution of users.
Since I look at these stats just out of curiosity, you can ask me to remove it if it bothers you, or you can use the Google Analytics Opt-Out extension, available in the Chrome Web Store.

If you have any questions, please contact me: